Choosing a Suitable Surety

Choosing a suitable surety is vital, as they have an important role to play in the criminal court process. If you live in Ontario, defence lawyers can be advised in regards to selecting a suitable surety. The surety will be responsible for an accused person until he or she awaits trial or until the matter is concluded. This process may take months; therefore, consider a criminal defence lawyer that can guide you and your surety, respectively, throughout the process.

The surety you choose should be someone that you are close to and someone who is responsible and capable of understanding the system.

Finding a Criminal Defence Lawyer

In Ontario, finding a criminal defence lawyer available to you is the first step in assuring a suitable surety is selected.

Generally, a surety should be at least 21 years of age. They should be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant. The surety should not be involved with the offence for which you have been charged with. The surety should not have a criminal record nor should they be charged with a criminal offence. He or she will have to be able to supervise an accused person while they are on bail and ensure that the accused goes to court when required and that the accused is abiding by all the terms and conditions of the bail. Should the accused not be complying with the bail terms, the surety is obligated to call the police and/or remove themselves as surety.

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