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Legal Advice for Criminal Marijuana Charges

In 2006 and 2007, I defended a client from Guelph, Ontario, who was charged with attempting to export marijuana through the Canada post to recipients in the U.S. and Europe.

This charge could have resulted in jail time, but even more crucial, it could have resulted in my client losing access to his medical marijuana. My client's name is Marco Renda, and he holds a federal exemption for marijuana laws due to his medical need for the drug.

As a defence lawyer, I have fought for many medical marijuana users who were treated unfairly by their own government. Medicine is a basic human right, and I will aid any client who is having their basic human rights threatened. Marco Renda's decision to come to me for criminal legal advice, and ultimately retaining me as his defence lawyer, has resulted in him receiving a conditional sentence which allows him to keep his federal exemption from marijuana laws.

Criminal Defence Lawyer in Recent Media Articles

Due to the controversial nature of Marco Renda's case, the Guelph Mercury has written numerous articles about the event. Each article details my client's case, as well as my view towards protecting the human rights of medical marijuana users.

To obtain legal advice pertaining to medical marijuana laws, speak to a criminal defence lawyer today. I have experience and first-hand knowledge in defending marijuana charges. For a free consultation, call my office at (416) 944-8111.

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