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Criminal Lawyer Stirs Controversy in Toronto Drug Case

My unique style of defending my clients has caused controversy in the Toronto community. My client, Edmund Kim, was charged with marijuana possession following a police search of his Toronto home. As a fully dedicated lawyer, I challenged the evidence against Kim, arguing that all evidence was inadmissible due to the officers not having a legal search warrant when entering Kim's home.

Marijuana Drug Possession Case in Recent Media Articles

Below are the articles published in the Toronto Star which highlights my dedication to defending the innocence of my client, Edmund Kim:

Judge dismisses grow-op charges; Home searched without warrant Charter rights abused, court rules

Lack of search warrant trial's focus; Police entered Pickering home Man charged with running grow op

Warrant central to pot case

Man denies starting shooting that killed Ephraim Brown

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Men acquitted in killing of Ephraim Brown

Chef alleges cruiser video shows police brutality

Underwire bra supports drunk driving defence

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