Sexual Assault and Assault Related Offences

Sexual assault charges range from minor groping, such as a touch or brush-up against someone, to more serious charges involving sexual intercourse. If you face any of these charges, a criminal defence lawyer is essential to defending your case.

I am a criminal defence lawyer located in Toronto who has defended numerous sexual assault cases, and has always ensured that the defence is presented with the utmost professionalism. Being charged with a sexual assault offence carries a heavy stigma, where friends and family may easily pass judgement.

As a practiced criminal trial lawyer, I have vigorously defended my clients using tactics ranging from consent, to proving the act never transpired. My methods aren’t atypical to other criminal defence lawyers in Toronto, thanks to a focus on DNA evidence, inconsistent statements, and revealing a complainant’s motive to fabricate evidence.

Criminal Trial Lawyer

Given the delicacy of providing a defence for sexual assault charges, it is vital that you consult a criminal lawyer who has a strong understanding of the law, and experience in the courtroom. As your criminal lawyer, I will represent you adamantly with my experience and knowledge of the law.

If you have been charged with a sexual assault crime in Ontario, call the Toronto law office of Leora Shemesh at (416) 944-8111.