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These are just a sample of the cases for which Ms Shemesh has had success for her clients.

Drug Related Cases

Marijuana, Cocaine and other Drug Related Charges
Ms. Shemesh, a Toronto lawyer, has represented a variety of clients with marijuana, cocaine, and other drug related charges.

Ms. Shemesh defends individuals who are charged with simple possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, and trafficking and importing and exporting charges. She’s built her practice largely on defending individuals charged with drug offences, with a variety of criminal cases that have been cited on the Quicklaw database. She’s even been noted in the Criminal Reports for her work on Search and Seizure (see Regina v. Michael Lee (2009)).

Ms. Shemesh is a knowledgeable and experienced drug lawyer in Toronto who can build you a strong defense in any drug-related cases.

Drug Lawyer Toronto
Furthermore, the Attorney General has enforced new legislation designed to allow the government to take your home, vehicle, and monies that are seized when you are arrested.

In other words, if you are arrested in a marijuana grow operation and you own that home, you may face the possibility of losing that home to the Canadian Government on account of the home being tainted by criminal activity, or it being "offence related property." Similarly, you may face the possibility of losing your vehicle if found with drugs in it, or the loss of monies if any are found on you.

Ms Leora Shemesh is well-versed in the new legislation, often called upon by other lawyers to comment on the civil rules associated with the return of such property. If you are facing an Application brought by the argument for the seizure of your home, vehicle, or money, contact Ms Leora Shemesh immediately so that she can aid you in your fight against the Canadian Government.

Listed below is just a sample of drug related cases for which Ms. Shemesh has defended her clients:

Possession Charges
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