Drug Lawyer fights Criminal Charges

Criminal Defense Lawyers and Medical Marijuana Access Regulations

Hitzig, Myrden et. al v. Her Majesty the Queen (2003) (Ont. C.A)

Ms Shemesh was one of the lawyers who sued the Government on behalf of sick people for their right to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes. The clients claimed that the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations were warped in bureaucratic red tape and that doctors were unwilling to sign their applications for a license to smoke marijuana and finally, that the government was not offering a safe and secure supply of marijuana. Ms Shemesh argued the issue before the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Legislation was amended to allow people to get authorized more efficiently.

Criminal Charges and Defense Attorneys

Experienced criminal defense lawyers, are compassionate to the medicinal needs of those who possess or produce marijuana within the newly defined regulations. These defense attorneys feel that individuals suffering great sickness should not face criminal charges for taking medication. As a prominent drug lawyer, I have worked with the team of defense attorneys responsible for the Regina v. Hitzig case which sued the Government on behalf of sick people for their right to smoke marijuana for medical reason.

As an established drug lawyer, I am well educated in the new Marijuana Medicinal Access Regulations and the type of criminal charges that are permitted. Defense attorneys realize that the Marijuana Medicinal Access Regulations violates constitutional rights and as your drug lawyer I am committed to decriminalize this regime.

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