Impaired Driving and other Related Offences

A Seasoned Criminal Lawyer for Impaired Driving Cases

A night out on the town can quickly turn fun-filled moments into a nightmare.

If you are pulled over by the police while driving impaired, you may be asked to take a breath test. If your blood alcohol level is above the limit, and you are charged with drunk driving or impaired driving due to drug abuse, a lawyer can create a defence against drunk driving and DUI charges.

Driving impaired causes serious car accidents, but also serious penalties that include suspension of your license and jail time. Consulting a criminal lawyer for drunk driving charges immediately can position you for a fair and factual trial.

If you were charged with driving impaired, as your criminal lawyer, I will provide you with a committed defence. I am prepared to help you in your fight against any impaired driving charges. So, if you are being charged with drunk driving, dangerous driving causing death, impaired driving causing death, or impaired driving causing bodily harm, consider consulting an experienced criminal lawyer.

Criminal Lawyer in Toronto for Impaired Driving Cases

Listed below is just a sample of car accident and impaired driving cases which Ms. Shemesh has represented her clients:

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