Criminal Defense Lawyers against Marijuana Charges

Drug Lawyer Defends the use of Medicinal Marijuana

Man Pleads Guilty to Pot-By-Post-Plan

Mr. Renda was charged with exporting marijuana to sick people in the United States of America via Canada Post. He was alleged to have not only shipped marijuana to sick people but also seeds were shipped to sick people over the border. Client is a licensed grower and is authorized to smoke marijuana for his own medical treatment. The newspaper is quoted as saying the following:

“Leora Shemesh said that the plea was carefully crafted to protect her client’s Health Canada license which allows Renda to possess and grown marijuana.”

Ms. Shemesh continues to assist Medicinal users today and continues to assist in their fight against the government to ensure that they have a safe and secure supply of medicinal marijuana. Ms. Shemesh presently represents at least two authorized persons in their fight against the Attorney General to grow marijuana for others who cannot grow for themselves.

Defense Attorneys for Criminal Charges

As a drug lawyer I have fought for the rights of those suffering from debilitating illnesses to have access to marijuana for medical purposes. It is a common misconception that we are fighting to legalize marijuana for general consumption. Defense attorneys do not advocate the legalization of marijuana rather they want Marijuana to be a controlled substance. Similar to other controlled medications a drug lawyer does not want sick people to face criminal charges when they use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Defense attorneys agree that unlawful possession should lead to criminal charges.

As one of the top criminal defense lawyers who support the right of the very ill to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. No ill person should face criminal charges for possessing medicinal drugs. I am well educated in the new Marijuana Medicinal Access Regulations and will fight all criminal charges against those who use marijuana for medical use.

If you are looking for a drug lawyer to defend your medicinal marijuana criminal charges, call Leora Shemesh, one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Toronto today at (416) 944-8111.