Criminal Cases: Medical Marijuana Access Regulations

Criminal Defense Lawyer Specializing in Medical Marijuana Access Regulations

Ms. Shemesh is a Toronto lawyer who has represented a number of clients with criminal cases regarding Medical Marijuana Access Regulations.

As an established drug lawyer in Toronto, Ms. Shemesh understands the flaws of the Marijuana Medicinal Access Regulations, as well as how it affects her clients’ criminal defense. She believes that the Regulations violate constitutional rights. Ms. Shemesh understands the medical needs of those who produce marijuana under the newly defined Regulations.

Located in Toronto, Canada, Ms. Shemesh is a drug lawyer who has provided a committed criminal defense for many clients. She is a knowledgeable and experienced drug lawyer in Toronto who can build you a strong and tireless defense.

Experienced Drug Lawyer for your Criminal Cases

Listed below is just a sample of criminal cases for which Ms. Shemesh, an experienced Toronto lawyer, has defended:

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