Property Crimes

White Collar Crimes? Hire an Experienced Defence Lawyer

Property crimes, and other white collar crimes, include break and enter, credit card fraud, theft, forgery, unauthorized use of credit cards, making or dealing in instruments for forging or falsifying credit cards, extortion, robbery and counterfeiting.

If you are convicted of one of these felonies, then you may be facing severe penalties and a criminal record. Therefore, it is important for you to find a seasoned defence lawyer with experience in the courtroom.

Property crimes and similar felonies are very complex in nature. A defence lawyer that has experience representing clients facing property crimes charges can help you recognize what options are available to you, providing support and peace of mind.

Defence Lawyer and White Collar Crimes

If you are convicted of a white collar crime, your future may be affected. A theft or robbery conviction will not impress potential employers or bank loan officers. If you have been accused of a property crime and are facing harsh penalties or tarnishing your criminal record, please talk to a defence lawyer today.

Listed below is just a sample of white collar crimes cases where Ms. Shemesh has defended her clients.

Property crimes are serious offences. Contact Leora Shemesh today at (416) 944-8111 to speak to a defence lawyer with a great track record.