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Criminal Defense Lawyer for Gun Possession Charges

Regina v. Craig Williams (2008)

Mr. Williams was charged with six offences involving possessing a loaded hand gun in public. Mr. Williams was alleged to have been a member of a Toronto violent gang called the 5 PG also known as the five point generals. Client was stopped by police in the lobby of a building in Toronto and is seen on video surveillance being stopped by police and subjected to an illegal search which leads to a loaded hand gun being discovered in his pocket. Ms. Shemesh argued that Mr. Williams was forced to carry the gun for someone else and argued that while under duress, Mr. Williams carried the loaded handgun into the building. Following a two week jury trial and after 45 minutes of deliberations the jury found Mr. Williams not guilty.

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If you are being charged for a violent crimes offence, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can very well dictate the result of your case. Ms. Shemesh is a well skilled criminal defense lawyer and has defended numerous gun possession charges. She has defended her clients using tactics such as eliminating the evidence obtained by an illegal search.

If you need to find a lawyer with relevant experience, look no further. Ms. Shemesh has defended many violent crimes charges achieving great success for her clients. She is a criminal lawyer whose experience with the Young Offenders Act enables her to ensure that any evidence collected without a proper warrant, is inadmissible.

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