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Regina v. DeSantis (2009)

Client charged with 13 counts of assault against his former spouse and uttering death threats. Client was also charged with assaulting his infant son – by shaking him. After two days of skillful cross-examination by Ms Shemesh the crown agreed that they did not have a strong case and asked that the judge exercise her discretion to dismiss all the charges against Mr. Desantis. Ms Shemesh used a holiday card written by the complainant to suggest that she was neither scared for her safety nor, had she been assaulted by him. Further, following a very intense and vigorous cross examination it became apparent that Mr. Desantis’ ex spouse and father in law completely contradicted one another.

Criminal Lawyer for Violent Crimes

If you have been arrested for domestic violence or other violent crimes and felonies, hire the defense lawyer who understands the court procedures in these types of cases. I have successfully defended a variety of felonies that range from sexual assault to domestic violence and other violent crimes.

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