Toronto Defence Lawyer Against Property Crimes Charges

Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto Avoids Fraud Hearing in Court

Regina v. Dewji – (2007) (Ont. Crt)

Client was charged with Fraud over and Possession Stolen Property Over – whereby it was alleged that Mr. Dewji was involved in a very elaborate car scheme exporting vehicles to the United States – when in fact, the cars were never exported. Ms Shemesh had extensive discussions with the Crown Attorney about their lack of evidence to prove their case and on the eve of trial, the Crown Attorney agreed to withdraw all the charges against the client.

Toronto Defence Lawyer for Stolen Property Crimes

If you have been charged with fraud or stolen property crimes in Toronto, you will need a lawyer to defend your property crimes case. A defence lawyer who has experience defending fraud and stolen property charges would be the best person for you to hire.

As a Toronto defence lawyer skilled at defending cases involving fraud and property crimes, my goal is to have all charges against you dropped before you have to go to trial. Using my skills and expertise to dispute all evidence against you, I will work to get your case dismissed. During my years of working as a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto and the GTA, I have defended clients facing property crimes charges, using tactics such as proving that the Crown Attorney lacked enough evidence to form a sound case. In the case above, Dewji never had to go to court because he was acquitted due to lack of evidence against him.

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