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Regina v. Hassen (2006)

Mr. Hassen was charged with sexually assaulting a co-worker and was alleged to have gotten the woman drunk and brutally sexually assaulted her while at the workplace on a break. Following a very carefully crafted cross examination – Ms Shemesh was able to establish that the complainant had been lying and that the two had ultimately had a sexual affair that had lasted for a period of two years. Further, Ms Shemesh had established that the complainant had suffered from anxiety and had been taking numerous medications and drinking alcohol, thus impairing her judgment. Following 3 hours of deliberations, the jury acquitted Mr. Hassen of the charge.

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If you are accused of a sex crime and other crimes that are violent call Leora Shemesh an experienced criminal lawyer located in Toronto. As a Toronto lawyer, she has defended numerous offenders charged with crimes that are violent such as a sex crime.

As your criminal attorney Ms. Shemesh will make sure that your side of the story is conveyed to the courts. Sexual assault charges and sex crime charges carry heavy consequences if the accused is convicted. By retaining an experienced criminal attorney you will have the opportunity to explain your side of the story.

During my career as a criminal attorney, I have vigorously defended my clients using tactics ranging from consent to proving the sex crime never transpired (consensual not crimes that are violent). As a top Toronto lawyer who has practiced as a criminal lawyer for years, when I defend a client for a sex crime, I focus on DNA evidence, inconsistent statements and revealing a complainant’s motive to fabricate evidence, in order to prove my clients’ innocence.

Sex crime and other violent assault cases are complex in nature, therefore it is vital for you to choose a criminal attorney who has a great understanding of the law and a great track record. As your criminal lawyer I will provide you with the best defense possible.

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