Marijuana Possession

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Regina v. Izzo and Izzo (2005) (Ont. Crt)

Ms. Shemesh’s clients, Mr. and Mrs. Izzo, were charged with production of marijuana and marijuana possession following a home invasion. The police were without a warrant, yet continued with the search without the consent of Mr. and Mrs. Izzo. A top criminal defense lawyer would recognize this act as an illegal search. An illegal search negates all evidence collected, as anything seized during an illegal search cannot be used as evidence in court. Ms. Shemesh is a well experienced criminal defense and drug lawyer. Ms. Shemesh recognized the situation then vigorously defended the couple and convinced the Crown Attorney to withdraw the charges against Mr. and Mrs. Izzo.

Marijuana Possession, Drug Law & your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Drug law offences range from production to marijuana possession. If you face one or many of these charges, an experienced drug lawyer is crucial to defending your case as per Canadian Law. I am a skilled drug lawyer that has defended numerous drug production and possession cases successfully before the courts.

As a prominent criminal defense lawyer and experienced drug lawyer, I will fight in court vigorously, for you. I will challenge all illegally obtained evidence on a case by case basis. I understand drug law and will prepare the best defense before you step foot inside a court room.

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