Best Criminal Lawyer for your Reckless Driving Charge

Best Criminal Lawyer for your Reckless Driving Charge

Regina v. Jason Soares, [2005] (Ont. Crt)

Mr Soares, a very young man, was charged with refusing to comply with a breath demand following a collision. Mr. Soares hired the DUI lawyer Ms. Shemesh in order to fight to keep his license as he was attending university. Ms. Shemesh cross examined the police officer quite vigorously claiming that the officer could have easily, without any real effort, afforded Mr. Soares an opportunity to blow into the device. The judge agreed and Mr. Soares was found not guilty.

Hire the best criminal lawyer to defend your reckless driving charges

If you are a student, having your license suspended due to a reckless driving charge can severely disrupt your studies. Anyone facing reckless driving charges will need to hire a DUI lawyer with a great track record. Having the charges against you dropped, is the difference between keeping or losing your license. A DUI lawyer can explain your options when you are asked to provide a breath sample by the police. For example, you can request a criminal lawyer to be present before providing a breath sample.

Calling a criminal lawyer to defend your rights is the best way to ensure that you will be able to keep your license. Ms. Shemesh is one of the best criminal lawyers in Toronto and her job is to know her clients rights. If your case goes to court she will aggressively cross examine the police officers in question to determine if your rights have been violated. If your rights have been broken, she will fight for your reckless driving charges to be dropped.

If you are facing a license suspension due to drunk driving or reckless driving, hire DUI lawyer to challenge the charges. Call Leora Shemsh at today, at (416) 944-8111 and speak to the best criminal lawyer.