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Regina v. Kirk Kapeluk (2009, October 5)

Client was charged with sexual assault, assault bodily harm, assault and breaching a court order. Crown was seeking an 8 year penitentiary sentence. Client had a five day jury trial in the Superior Court of Justice in Whitby before the Honourable Mr. Justice Salmers. The complainant had lied under oath and was vigorously cross examined for a period of three days using text and Facebook messages The trial judge was of the view that there were over 20 inconsistencies in her evidence that were material to the case against Mr. Kapeluk. The jury clearly saw the inconsistencies and acquitted the client of all the charges before the Court.

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If you are facing criminal charges for a violent assault, you need to talk to an experienced criminal lawyer about your criminal case. As a criminal lawyer I have defended numerous sexual assault and other violent crime cases. My record and familiarity with the local Toronto courts will benefit you when I present your defense against your sexual assault and violent offence charges. As with all criminal cases, criminal defense lawyers must be well versed in the law if, they are to navigate the complexity of most criminal charges.

Sexual assault is one of the more severe criminal charges in the courts today. If you’ve been charged with any kind of assault, a good criminal defense lawyer can acquit you from those criminal charges. Retaining criminal defense lawyers who are skilled at defending sexual and violent offenders will help with your defense. The above example is but one of the Leora Shemesh criminal cases that lead to an acquittal.

In the case of Regina v. Kirk Kapeluk, I carefully reviewed all the evidence in this case and conducted interviews with witnesses to support Kapeluk’s defense. In the end, Kapeluk was acquitted.

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