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Regina v. Kovachev (2006)

Mr. Kovachev was charged with sexually assaulting his six year old daughter over a period of time. Ms Shemesh argued that the child had been pressured into saying certain things by a child protection agency and by the police. Ms Shemesh questioned the little girl and she recanted her story and admitted she had lied. Mr. Kovachev was found not guilty.

Sex Crime & Child Abuse Lawyer for Wrongfully Accused

Child abuse is arguably the sex crime which holds the most stigma. Even just being accused of such a crime can ruin ones reputation. If you are being charged with child abuse, you should ask a lawyer with experience to help you dictate the result of your case. Ms. Shemesh is a skilled criminal lawyer who has defended numerous sex crime and child abuse cases. Ms. Shemesh has defended her clients using tactics such as reassessing the witness as shown in the case above.

Ms. Shemesh is happy to answer all questions you may want to ask a skilled lawyer with relevant experience. Ms. Shemesh has defended all forms of child abuse cases. So if you are facing child abuse charges, do not plead guilty until you have spoken to a top criminal lawyer. Child abuse charges can have serious implications and it is important to understand all of your options. So ask a lawyer to explore all your options and know all your rights.

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