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Regina v. KT – October 30 2007

“Acquitted Man Remains on the List of Child Abusers” – National Post article written by Shannon Kari on October 30, 2007.

Mr. KT was charged with sexually assaulting his 13 year old step daughter. Ms Shemesh cross examined the 13 year old and discovered that she had been a problem child and that her social worker had advised her that the only way she could be removed from her family home was by an allegation of sexual or physical abuse – the following week, the 13 year old made the allegations against Mr. KT. Mr. KT was acquitted and Ms Shemesh remained determined to ensure that Mr. KT’s name was clear. However, he remained on the list of child abusers for some time and it became local news.

Criminal Defense for alleged Sex Crime or Child Abuse Charges

As seen in the case above, charges against children can create a permanent blemish on ones criminal record. Just being accused of this kind of sex crime can ruin your reputation and the stigma and emotional anxiety can interfere with due process.

If you face child abuse charges you will need to hire a criminal lawyer that can help you prepare for your court appearance. Get an experienced criminal lawyer that can provide you with the best criminal defense. You need a lawyer that will ensure that you are not wrongfully accused of a sex crime and that you won’t ultimately face jail time and a criminal record. With Ms. Shemesh, you will get an experienced criminal lawyer that will fight your case effectively and aggressively.

Ms. Shemesh’s criminal defense strategy for sex crime and child abuse cases enables you to present your side of the case at court. If you are facing child abuse charges, speak to a top criminal lawyer today. A guilty verdict means having a criminal record which will have serious implications on you for the rest of your life.

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