Successfully Defending Impaired Driving & ‘Over 80′ Charges

Learn how your impaired driving and ‘over 80′ charges can receive favourable results with help from a Toronto criminal defence lawyer

Regina v. Looknath (2010) (Ont. Crt)

Mr. Sanjay Looknath was charged with impaired driving and driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit of 0.08 percent contrary to section 253 of the Criminal Code. Mr. Looknath brought an application to exclude the evidence obtained due to police violating his section 8 Charter rights. The defendant alleged that all three arresting officers lacked reasonable grounds to arrest him and to make him take the breathalyser, therefore the breathalyser readings should not be admitted as evidence at the trial. [Read More]

Toronto criminal defence lawyer Ms. Shemesh argued Mr. Looknath’s position and after successfully cross examining the police officers, the trial judge rejected the breathalyser evidence as a result of a charter violation. The judge found that the officers were not credible witnesses and that they had violated his rights and found the defendant not guilty of his impaired driving and ‘over 80′ charges.

Criminal Defence Lawyer explains the implications of impaired driving and ‘over 80′ charges

If you or someone you know has been charged with impaired driving, contact a criminal defence lawyer experienced in defending these types of charges. Impaired driving and ‘over 80′ charges are commonly overlooked but have serious consequences. Multiple impaired driving and ‘over 80′ charges can result in varying degrees of sentencing. People charged may be subject to an Alcohol Treatment Program, monetary fines and license suspensions. These implications have the potential to impact your family, relationships, career and future opportunities. If convicted, you can find yourself with a criminal record or even ordered to serve a prison sentence. People convicted multiple times can be subject to 120 days or more in prison. My experience with impaired driving and ‘over 80′ charges has equipped me with the best skills to defend you in the courtroom. Providing the best criminal defence possible, I ensure you are fairly treated and every measure is taken in effort to drop all charges.

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