Drug Possession Charges

Regina v. Park, [2007] O.J. No. 3921 (Ont. Sup. Crt)

Mr. Park had been charged with possession of 1.2 kilos of cocaine, 2.5 kilos of marijuana 1409 ecstasy pills and $62,055 in Canadian currency as Proceeds of Crime. Ms Shemesh argued that the Toronto Police violated Mr. Park’s rights by:

  1. Judge shopping and trying to find a judge that would sign their search warrant- after one judge had already denied them;
  2. The police failed to advise the justice of the peace who had issued the search warrant that there was a residence upstairs at the location for which they had sought a search warrant;
  3. The police were not in possession of the actual warrant when they conducted the search; and
  4. The police failed to advise the issuing justice that they were holding $62,055.00 of Mr. Park’s money – once they executed the warrant.

The trial judge agreed with Ms Shemesh and found that the police had seriously breached Mr. Park’s Charter rights and excluded all of the evidence. Further, with the assistance of Ms Shemesh, the police returned Mr. Park’s $62,055.00 to him. [Read More]

Best Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto

If you are facing drug possession charges, you will need the best criminal lawyer in Toronto available to prepare your defence. Most evidence is gathered by law enforcement through “search and seizure,” but any illegally obtained evidence cannot and should not be used to convict you. However, evidence that was gathered illegally is not automatically inadmissible; you will need an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Toronto to challenge the ways in which police officers may have violated your rights. Police officers are trained and experienced witnesses and you will need an experienced lawyer who knows the Charter and knows how to properly and aggressively cross examine these trained witnesses. Ms Shemesh has been a teacher for cross examination techniques for the Advocate’s society – where she teaches other senior lawyers how to effectively cross examine police officers, experts and other crown witnesses.

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