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Regina v. Robert Kirchner (2005) (Ont. Crt)

Client charged with Domestic assault against his former spouse. Following a very detailed and comprehensive cross examination of the complainant it became clear that the complainant was bitter that her ex spouse was no longer interested in being with her and thus, fabricated her evidence. Client was found not guilty.

Fraud Attorney for Violent Crimes Cases

When representing clients against domestic assault charges, a good criminal lawyer will understand that there is a long domestic history behind each case, and strategic planning from both parties against each other is common.

Often, a spouse will fabricate evidence against the other. You need a good fraud attorney who will cross examine every compliant with the intention of preventing false evidence disguised as violent crimes. A good fraud attorney will prove with evidence that those charges are fraudulent.

If you have been wrongfully accused of any violent crimes, your criminal lawyer may suggest counter suing. If the other party has wrongly sued you for alleged violent crimes, let a criminal lawyer help you. As your fraud attorney I will guide you as to whether counter suing is a good option for you. I have experience and skills in counter suing a variety of charges that include violent crimes and domestic assault.

If you are accused of any violent crimes, seek advice from a criminal lawyer that has defended numerous clients who have been charged with assault. Choose the criminal lawyer who has a deep understanding of the law and give yourself the best defense possible.

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