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Regina v. T and S Cousins – (2005) (Ont. Crt)

Clients charged with fraud over $5,000.00 and utter forged documents. Officers attend their apartment and conduct what Ms Shemesh argued was an illegal search of their home. Court agreed and the evidence was excluded.

Criminal Lawyer in Toronto vr Fraud Charges over $5000

In Ontario, fraud charges of over $5000.00 are considered property theft and result in severe penalties. If convicted of fraud charges, you may have difficulties obtaining a loan, a credit card and even a job. Therefore, as soon as you are charged with fraud, you need to hire a skilled Toronto defence lawyer.

Leora Shemesh is a skilled fraud lawyer with a vast amount of court experience. She has successfully defended many clients that were facing fraud charges and in many cases her clients have not had to go to trial. Conveniently located in Toronto, Ms. Shemesh practices as a defence lawyer throughout Ontario.

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Using my skills as a fraud lawyer, my goal is to ensure that you are acquitted of the fraud charges against you. I will defend you using tactics such as negating all evidence obtained by an unlawful search. As a well versed fraud attorney, I know that Canadian law protects all individuals from unlawful searches where a police officer performs a property search without authorized consent by the law. Without reasonable grounds to suspect that a crime has been committed, an officer may not attempt a search. In the case of T and S Cousins, the officers did not have the authority to search the T and S residence, therefore, negating all evidence acquired.

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