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Regina v. Tang (2006) (Ont. Crt)

Client charged with possession of stolen credit cards and fraud. The Toronto lawyer, Ms. Shemesh, brought a Charter Application claiming that her client was stopped by police while driving his vehicle for no apparent reason and that he was subjected to an unlawful search and seizure. Court agreed and the evidence was ordered excluded and Mr. Tang was found not guilty.

Toronto Law Firm will help you Fight Fraud Charges

If convicted of fraud charges in Toronto, applying for a job or for a loan will be challenging. To avoid being convicted for fraud, contact a Toronto law firm and speak to a fraud lawyer about your case. A Toronto fraud lawyer who has experience defending clients facing fraud charges will be the best person to hire to represent you.

As a skilled fraud lawyer in Toronto, my goal is to dispute and ultimately have your fraud charges dropped. During my years working as a fraud lawyer, I have successfully defended clients using tactics such as disallowing the evidence obtained by an unlawful search.

As an experienced fraud lawyer, I know that Canadian law protects all individuals from property searches which are not authorized by the law. Without reasonable grounds to suspect that a crime has been committed, an officer may not attempt a search. In the case above, the officers did not have the authority to search Mr. Tang’s vehicle. Therefore, any evidence acquired during the search had to be excluded.

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