Possession Charges and other Felonies

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Regina v. Tran and Ngo2004) (Ont. Crt)

Clients charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Clients are stopped on the street by police officers and are subjected to a search of their person and property. Police claimed that because they were carrying garbage bags that they appeared to be hiding drugs. Judge claimed that he often used to carry his laundry in a garbage bag and felt that police violated the clients’ rights. Clients were found not guilty of the charge.

Toronto Drug Lawyer – Defends Illegal Possession Charges

If you have been charged with drug related felonies such as possession charges, don’t waste your time seeking and researching the many criminal lawyers in Toronto to find a drug lawyer with solid court experience. I have defended numerous drug related felonies from marijuana for personal use to marijuana production. My track record and familiarity with local courts will benefit you when I defend you against drug possession charges.

Marijuana possession is one of the more common felonies defended by criminal lawyers before the courts today. If you are charged by the police on possession charges, you will need to consult one of the many criminal lawyers in available. You need to ensure that they have the skills to prove that you are in possession of an illegal substance for personal consumption only, and not for trafficking purposes. If you don’t have a criminal record, or have not committed other felonies, a good drug lawyer will prove those circumstances in court. If your drug lawyer is successful, a possible discharge and a not guilty ruling may result. Retaining a criminal drug lawyer who is skilled with marijuana possession charges and other drug related felonies, is crucial in avoiding conviction.

In the case above, I have proven that the officers in question did not have proper reason to search Mr. Tran and Mr. Ngo, and therefore any evidence is not credible under Canadian law which protects all individuals from unreasonable searches.

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