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Regina v. Youngberg, [2004] O.J. No. 4697 (Ont. Sup. Crt)

Mr. Youngberg was charged with the production of marijuana and challenged the fact that Police wrongfully sought a search warrant for his home. Mr. Youngberg was fortunate enough to retain Ms. Shemesh as his criminal defense attorney, who is well versed in defending drug charges and crime. Ms. Shemesh alleged that the police had misled the issuing justice and that the search warrant ought to be quashed as a result. The court agreed and found the following:

On the strength of what is left after these excisions, the anonymous tip could not have been considered corroborated by the Justice of the Peace. All that is left to corroborate the tip in a meaningful way is the observation on one occasion that there was no snow on the roof and that Mr. Youngberg had a criminal record. I conclude that what would have been before the Justice of the Peace could not have justified the issuance of the warrant.

Mr. Youngberg was found not guilty of the charge.

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