Possession of Stolen Property

Criminal Charges for Possession of Stolen Property

Regina v. Zalewski – (2005) (Ont. Crt)

Client charged with 23 counts of possession of stolen property over $5,000.00 for being involved in a very large complex vehicle scheme whereby Mr. Zalewski was alleged to have been re-vinning vehicles and stealing auto parts. Following a four day trial where Ms Shemesh cross examined several auto experts and Police officers – Mr. Zalewski was found Not Guilty.

Possession of Stolen Property and other Criminal Charges in Toronto

If you are charged with possession of stolen property, you will need to hire a criminal defence attorney who has experience defending property theft cases.

If the property theft charges are over $5000.00, in Toronto and the rest of Ontario, this is considered a serious criminal charge and you should seek out a criminal defense attorney who has can acquit you from all charges. You will need an attorney who has a proven track record when defending possession of stolen property criminal charges.

I have defended countless possession of stolen property cases in Toronto as well as the rest of the GTA. My track record and familiarity with local Toronto courts will be beneficial in your defense against your criminal charges. Stolen property over $5000.00 is a serious offence in Toronto and you need to hire a criminal defence attorney who has the skills to get you the best results. In the case of Regina v. Zalewski, I carefully cross examined car experts and conducted interviews with police officers to support Zalewski’s defense. In the end, Zalewski was acquitted.

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