Criminal Legal Advice in Ontario: Helpful Tips

Are you facing a criminal charge?

This section provides basic information regarding the legal system, guiding you in your search for a criminal defence lawyer that suits your situation. Please note that you should not consider the information provided as legal advice for your criminal case.

Included in this section is information about bail hearings, and the importance of working with a criminal defence lawyer that has experience at bail hearings. You will also find information on crown pre-trials, judicial pre-trials, preliminary hearings, sentencing hearings, as well as other important legal information.

Criminal Legal Advice

Being charged with a criminal offence can be overwhelming and stressful. Hiring a criminal defence lawyer to provide legal advice in Ontario, and represent you through the criminal court process, alleviates anxiety and creates peace of mind as you work through legal processes.

If you need to talk to a criminal defence lawyer about your case, please call Leora Shemesh Criminal Law at (416) 944-8111.