In the Media – The Guelph Mercury

Criminals first, patients second.

June 9, 2007 edition of The Guelph Mercury, by Russell Barth (editorial)

“Your article notes Leora Shemesh saying if Marco Renda pleaded guilty to any drug-related counts he could have lost his federal exemption from marijuana laws….a medical marijuana user has to live under the constant threat of medicinal deprivation at the hands of his own government.” [Read more to find out how a Toronto drug lawyer helps medical marijuana user.]

Toronto Drug Lawyer Fights Drug Possession Charges

In Canada where human rights are protected, no sick man or woman would be deprived of their medicine by the government. Why then should a medical marijuana user be deprived of their medication? Marco Renda, as stated in the article above, was treated like a criminal for handling the medication he was licensed to carry

I am a drug lawyer who is disturbed by the way medical marijuana users are treated by their own government. As articulated in the article above, medical marijuana users are treated firstly as criminals, and secondly as patients.

To avoid drug possession charges, Marco Renda and other medical marijuana users must carry documentation to prove they are federal medical marijuana license holders. These documents must be carried and shown to authorities when questioned to avoid arrest. This puts medical marijuana users in a position similar to segregation, which is completely unacceptable.

This is why I have dedicated my expertise to defend medical marijuana users who are treated unfairly by the Canadian government. If you are facing marijuana charges, call my Toronto office today at (416) 944-8111 for a drug lawyer who has skillfully defended many clients facing drug possession charges.