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Judge knew pot smoker’s reference; He excuses himself from sentencing in medical marijuana exporting case.

May 11, 2006 edition of The Guelph Mercury, by Scott Tracey

“When court began yesterday morning, Hearn called the two lawyers into his office and explained the conflict. He later explained in open court why he could not continue to hear Renda’s case…

Shemesh said she had no problem with Hearn continuing with the case, but understood why the judge felt he must remove himself.” [Read more on how a Toronto defence lawyer fights marijuana possession charges.]

Marijuana possession charges are no match for skilled defence lawyer from Toronto

As stated in the article above, Marco Renda faced marijuana possession charges and admitted to mailing the drug to users around the globe. The judge overlooking the case, Justice Gary Hearn, stepped down from his duty and requested another judge oversee the case. This occurred when Hearn discovered that a letter supporting Renda’s case was written by a personal acquaintance of his. Justice Hearn did not feel this would affect his ability to make a fair decision, but was concerned more about the appearance of possible bias. Renda considered this to be a positive sign, since Hearn’s acknowledgment of someone who uses marijuana for medical purposes gives Renda’s case more legitimacy.

As an experienced defence lawyer in Toronto, I am well versed in many cases resulting from marijuana possession charges, and used my best judgment when I advised Renda to plead guilty to a lesser offence. This lesser offence has avoided further issues with Health Canada and allowed Renda to keep his federal exemption for medical marijuana use.

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