Medical Marijuana Access Regulations

As of 2014, medical marijuana access regulations have been in a state of legal flux. This area of the law is complicated, confusing, and difficult to comprehend.

There are many people producing medical marijuana as part of their medicinal regimen, and there are those who are uncertain whether they can continue to grow, or continue to possess their medicine.

We are here to help you understand the current state of the law and the legal jurisprudence that appears to be changing the legal landscape. We can educate you on the political changes that appear to be on the rise, and assist you in meeting the necessary legal requirements.

Leora Shemesh is a Defence Lawyer in Canada that Specializes in Drug Charges

As professional drug lawyers in Toronto, we are well-versed in understanding the shortcomings of the Regulations and the Governments’ role in the safe and secure supply of medical marijuana to Canadians. The Marijuana Medicinal Access Regulations violates Constitutional rights, and as a defence lawyer in Canada, Leora Shemesh is committed to decriminalizing the entire system.

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