Sexual Assault Charges and Assault Related Offences

Sexual assault charges range from minor groping, such as a touch or brush-up against someone, to more serious charges involving sexual intercourse. If you face any of these charges, a criminal defence lawyer is essential to defending your case.

I am a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto who has defended numerous sexual assault cases, and has always ensured that the defence is presented with the utmost professionalism. Being charged with a sexual assault offence carries a heavy stigma, where friends and family may easily pass judgement.

As an experienced criminal trial lawyer, I have vigorously defended my clients using tactics ranging from consent, to proving the act never transpired. My methods aren’t atypical to other criminal defence lawyers in Toronto, thanks to my focus on DNA evidence, inconsistent statements, and revealing a complainant’s motive to fabricate evidence.

Criminal Trial Lawyer

Given the delicacy of providing a defence for sexual assault cases, it is vital that you consult a criminal lawyer who has a strong understanding of the law, and experience in the courtroom. As your criminal lawyer, I will represent you adamantly with my experience and knowledge of the law.

If you are facing sexual assault charges in Ontario, call the Toronto law office of Leora Shemesh at (416) 944-8111.