Before deciding to hire a criminal trial lawyer, you should first evaluate your budget. You must understand that you are hiring a professional that can help you determine your options as they pertain to your case. Discussing fees with your criminal lawyer should be your first step. At Leora Shemesh’s criminal law office, you have the option of paying your criminal lawyer costs through a payment plan. This plan will deposit a certain amount of money each month into your trust account.

Criminal lawyer fees depend on the case, and each case is unique and therefore has its own costs. Most criminal trial lawyers charge hourly rates for their services. This amount is based on experience, expertise and ability. You should ask your lawyer for an estimate of the full amount required to complete your case. Your criminal trial lawyer should inform you of any change in circumstances that may increase this amount.

The cost of the retainers should also be discussed before hiring a criminal lawyer. The retainer is a contract between the lawyer and the client, preferably in writing, in which the lawyer agrees to provide legal services to the client for a fee. When discussing the cost of the retainer, you need to know the amount of the fee, as well as any additional costs that you may need to include in your budget. If circumstances surrounding your case change and your criminal lawyer fees increase, your lawyer should advise you immediately and obtain instructions before proceeding.

Criminal Lawyer Costs