When charged with a crime in Ontario, oftentimes people will consider entering a plea of guilty for a variety of reasons. Should I plead guilty because it is cheaper? does pleading guilty reduce your sentence? Will pleading guilty prevent my family from learning about the charge? These are all important questions that need to be answered by a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer.

Speak to a defence lawyer before entering a plea. Pleading guilty in Ontario to a criminal offence will have serious consequences. It is absolutely essential to make the decision to plead guilty after you have consulted with a criminal lawyer in Ontario with experience in Canadian law.

The temptation to plead guilty to resolve the situation is a common feeling shared by many in your situation. A defence lawyer in Ontario can be your objective voice. Being guilty, according to the law in Ontario, is very different than feeling guilty. Discuss this openly with your criminal lawyer. My rule of thumb is: You can always plead guilty. My motto is: “FIGHT TO WIN!

Pleading Guilty in Ontario