You’re out one night for a dinner party in Toronto, and you have that second or third glass of red wine before leaving for the night. Are you drunk?

According to the police officer who pulls you over after you accidentally went through a red light, you are drunk. He believes you are driving under the influence of alcohol and are impaired by alcohol. The police officer asks that you complete a breath test at the side of the road. The police officer then advises you that you are required to provide a suitable sample at the station.

Some of you may choose not to and will no doubt be charged with ‘Failing to Provide a Suitable Breath Sample.’ Others will blow into the device and will blow over the legal limit - above 80. You realize that you need a seasoned criminal defence lawyer in Toronto.

Not only can you be charged with alcohol-related intoxication - you can also be charged with drug-related intoxication. This may be an allegation that you have used drugs and are intoxicated by the drugs while driving. An officer may conduct a field sobriety tests, asking you to participate. Following the test, the officer will determine whether you are capable of driving or whether you are intoxicated. If you are charged with either alcohol or drug-related intoxication while driving - let us assist you in your fight. Let us make this our battle.

In Toronto, drinking and driving can be very serious criminal offence, dependent on the circumstances of your case. If you are charged with driving under the influence, you may face severe penalties that could include suspension of your license and jail time.