A young person, as defined by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, is a person who is twelve years old or older, but less than eighteen years old. If you or a loved one is charged as a young person under the Act, you need to obtain advice from an experienced and dedicated criminal defence lawyer in Ontario.

A young person in Ontario may be charged with an array of offences, including drug-related offences, drinking and driving, sexual assault, manslaughter, murder, break and enter, and theft. The system in Ontario is intricate - so, having a defence lawyer who is familiar with the Act may help you navigate any subtleties of the law.

A young person in Ontario has many rights afforded to them under the Youth Criminal Justice Act that vary from an adult being charged with a similar crime. As your defence lawyer, I am familiar with all of these rights, and I will provide you with a well-researched, factual defence. I recognize the importance of a young person keeping a clean criminal record, and as your criminal defence lawyer, I understand the burden that a criminal allegation has on a young person.