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Pot charges cleared by successful drug attorney

$400G bust tossed. Man cleared of pot charges after illegal search

Tuesday, April 5, 2005 edition of The Toronto Sun, by Sam Pazzano

“[The judge] excluded all the evidence – including more than $400,000 worth of marijuana – seized in the search and tossed out the charges.

“The message is police can’t have shortcuts, violate people’s rights by conducting illegal searches,” said Kim’s lawyer, Leora Shemesh.” [Read the entire article on how a drug attorney cleared pot charges.]

Pot charges can be wiped clean with the aid of a drug attorney.

When facing pot charges or any drug possession offense, a drug attorney by your side is crucial. Drug attorney’s are educated and equipped with the necessary skills required to attain the best results possible for anyone convicted of a drug related crime.

The outcome of many drug cases is determined by lawyer tactics in court and not solely based on a person’s charges. As an experienced drug attorney, I have extensive knowledge in the area of drug law. For this reason, favorable results for my clients have been achieved in numerous past cases. Pot charges ranging from simple possession to growing and manufacturing are tough to fight alone. Turning a potential drug conviction into a complete dismissal of your pot charges is possible with the help of my drug attorney services. The likelihood of generating similar results is greatly reduced without any form of aid.

Best practices are not always performed during the arrest and seizure of drugs. It is important to understand your rights as well as the rules and regulations of the court. As a drug attorney, I can prove and defend any wrongdoings occurred during the process of the arrest and use it to support your cause.

If you have recently been arrested on pot charges, let us put together a winning case. Contact me, online or call (416) 944-8111, if you require additional information.