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Toronto lawyer offers search warrant insight

Civil rights group protest

Monday, November 10th 2009 edition of The Toronto Sun, by Jenny Yuen

A Toronto Police canvass of 6,000 homes without a warrant in the case of missing teen Mariam Makhniashvili steps on the rights of residents and might be a waste of time, a civil liberties group says.

“It has clear problems for the civil rights and civil liberties of people who are affected by it,” said Robert Holmes, president of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association.

“It’s something that police, frankly, don’t need to do their job,” he said yesterday.
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Reputable Toronto lawyer provides search warrant defense

It is not everyday someone answers the front door, only to be confronted by the police. Without providing a search warrant, police have convinced people to allow for unlawful entry. Consenting to a search of your property with or without a search warrant has the potential to result in criminal charges if any illegal activity is found.

This complex situation can be too much to handle without aid from a defense lawyer. I have worked on winning defense cases for clients who were victims of an unlawful search and understand the steps needed to achieve successful results. When faced with a criminal charge, approaching the matter very critically is essential. Arriving at favourable court results is obtainable with the help of a defense lawyer. Understanding your rights is a difficult task. To ensure you are taking all the correct measures, select a Toronto defense lawyer. Working as a defense lawyer in Toronto, I have experience in strategically utilizing powerful defense practices that win cases.

Law enforcement has the ability to enter a house with a documented search warrant, to gather evidence that may pertain to a criminal offense. Without a supporting search warrant and without the support of a defense lawyer, illegal police violations can slip through the cracks. I am here to ensure this will not happen to you.

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