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Toronto Star Articles

Lack of search warrant trial’s focus; Police entered Pickering home Man charged with running grow op

March 25, 2005 edition of The Toronto Star, by Tracy Huffman

“…Officers later entered the home, testifying that they wanted to be sure there hadn’t been a break and enter and that someone wasn’t injured and trapped inside the home.

Kim’s lawyer, Leora Shemesh argued that evidence of the grow op was not obtained legitimately, with an authorized search warrant, and therefore is not admissible in court. The search of the residence was a breach of Kim’s Charter rights, she argued.” [Read the entire article and find out why an experienced drug crimes lawyer is important.]

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If you are facing drug possession charges, you will need a drug crimes lawyer to prepare your defence. A lawyer with experience defending drug crimes charges will be able to quickly recognize whether evidence was obtained illegally and if it should be admissible in court. An experienced drug crimes lawyer will also know how to challenge the ways in which police officers may have violated your rights through unwarranted search and seizures. Police officers are trained witnesses and a drug crimes lawyer who knows how to properly cross examine these experienced witnesses, will help you get acquitted.

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