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Toronto drug lawyer defends medical marijuana access case

Lawyers, clients on a high over ruling

January 10, 2003 edition of The Toronto Sun by Jason Tchir

“Lawyers and their clients who persuaded a judge to strike down the medicinal marijuana regulations as unconstitutional were high on yesterday’s “bold” landmark ruling…

“This is the strongest decision we have to date about the climate of the day with regard to decriminalization,” said lawyer Leora Shemesh. Shemesh said Lederman is saying “the Marijuana Medicinal Access Regulations are ineffective, and that’s probably the best signal we’ve received so far from a higher court about possibly decriminalizing the entire regime.” [Read the entire article to discover Toronto drug lawyers are paving the way for medical marijuana access.]

Criminal ties to medical marijuana

Medical marijuana has the ability to manage or reduce severe pain resulting from epilepsy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and a growing list of sicknesses plaguing Canadians. This benefit speaks volumes about the life altering capabilities and potential medical marijuana holds.

I have worked hand-in-hand with top Toronto drug lawyers and criminal defense lawyers, challenging the Canadian Government to take action with the case of Regina vs. Hitzig

Access to medical marijuana is only available to people who have obtained government approval. The Marijuana Medical Access Regulations program facilitates patient registrations and confirms whether or not a person requires this medical relief. Lacking support from Health Canada to provide medicinal users a strain powerful enough to treat more severe pains, has resulted in individuals and organizations taking action. Because of this, charges are being laid continually against those involved in the medical marijuana circle.

I am a Toronto criminal defense lawyer specializing in defending marijuana possession and other illicit drug charges. It is highly recommended to acquire the help of a drug lawyer to allow for the greatest chance at having a successful case.

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