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Man pleads guilty to pot-by-post plan; Plea crafted to protect gower’s licence

June 7, 2007 edition of The Guelph Mercury, by Scott Tracey

“A medical marijuana crusader accused of mailing pot to fellow users in the United States and Britain pleaded guilty yesterday to committing mischief by using Canada Post services “without proper authority.”…

Outside court, Renda’s lawyer, Leora Shemesh, said the plea was carefully crafted to protect her client’s Health Canada licence, which allows Renda to possess and grow marijuana.” [Read more on how a criminal trial lawyer defended drug crimes charges.]

Criminal trial lawyer successful in defending against drug crimes charges

As diabetic patients are in need of insulin, medical marijuana users are also in dire need of their medication. Marijuana is known to combat fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as epilepsy and arthritis. In Marco Renda’s case, in the article above, he needed marijuana as a means to treat hepatitis C.

However, due to criminal charges against him, he was threatened to have his one and only medication for his sickness legally taken away from him. Many patients are being threatened by similar drug crimes charges involving marijuana, which is completely unjust. Any criminal, from convicted murderers to rapists, would never have their insulin taken away from them if he or she was diabetic. Why then did Marco Renda, who was charged with attempting to deliver marijuana by post to fellow sick patients, have his basic human right to medication stripped away from him?

As Renda’s criminal trial lawyer, I have dedicated two years to this case, and committed myself to freeing Renda from such bogus and unfair punishment.

So if you are facing similar punishment by the Canadian government, call my Toronto office today at (416) 944-8111. I am a criminal lawyer experienced in trials relating to marijuana and other drug crimes, and I look forward to hearing about your case.