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The Guelph Mercury

Medical pot user admits exporting grass.

February 23, 2006 edition of The Guelph Mercury, by Scott Tracey

“…members of the OPP Drug Enforcement Section executed a search warrant at Renda’s Southgate Township home. During the search police seized eight vials of hashish oil, valued at $2300, from the living room.

Defence counsel Leora Shemesh of Toronto said Renda admits “the elements of the offences” to which he pleaded guilty, but disputes the value of the drugs attached by the Crown.” [Read the entire article.]

Find a criminal lawyer in Ontario who is well versed in proper search warrant procedures

As a criminal lawyer in Ontario, I have witnessed countless cases where the amount attached to the value of drugs obtained during the execution of a search warrant has gone unchallenged, and the accused was sentenced unfairly. It is your right as a citizen to be protected from invalid and incompetent searches of your private property.

As the article states above, Renda’s estate was searched by police who seized eight vials of hashish oil, valued at $3,200, according to the police. My client, Renda, admits to marijuana possession, but the value of the drugs was simply incorrect. The value of the drugs and the amount seized by police was estimated exceedingly high. This incorrect information could have lead to a greater punishment for my client, which is why I vigilantly protested this inconsistency of information. As Renda’s criminal lawyer, I ordered an assessment of whether Renda would be qualified for a conditional sentence.

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