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Toronto drug lawyer defends marijuana possession charges

Potheads told to butt out. But court aids medicinal use.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003 edition of The Toronto Sun, by Sam Pazzano

“It was legal to smoke yesterday and today it isn’t. But it was a decision that tried to make everyone happy,” Shemesh said. “Rules were relaxed so that licensed producers may make money for their work and before they couldn’t.” [Read the entire article on marijuana related charges.]

Marijuana possession charges are no small matter.

Facing marijuana possession charges alone can be traumatic, time-consuming and even frightening. Drug possession charges can turn a life upside down in a matter of seconds and damage ones reputation if it is not taken seriously.

If faced with such a situation, it is strongly recommended to seek legal aid in combating charges laid against you. Though essential, looking for a reputable Toronto criminal defense lawyer can be both confusing and stressful. Therefore selecting the best possible Toronto drug lawyer is the first and most important step in battling drug charges. This is where I step in.

Understanding the law and knowing the steps needed in order to address marijuana possession charges is a crucial component in protecting your name. As a criminal defense lawyer based out of Toronto, I am experienced in defending people convicted of drug-related crimes and defendants who felt they have been unfairly treated. Every drug possession situation comes with different variables and obstacles. I will utilize my extensive knowledge on drug law and set forth the best tactics to achieve a successful case. Backed by a long list of winning cases, trust me to deliver a powerful defense and achieve successful results. Depending on individual circumstances, complete acquittal and termination of marijuana possession charges is obtainable with the support of an experienced Toronto drug lawyer such as myself.

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