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Medical pot rules will make you sick

June 8, 2007 edition of The Guelph Mercury, by Scott Tracey

Renda’s plea, the end result of extensive pretrial negotiations between Doney, defence counsel Leora Shemesh and Justice Walter Gonet, was carefully crafted. By pleading guilty to a non-drug offence, and admitting only that he mailed out plant marters, Renda has avoid ruffling any feathers at Health Canada.

A conviction bearing even a whiff of marijuana could have cost Renda his federal exemption from Canada’s marijuana laws. Could have cost him access — or at least legal access — to the only medicine he has ever found to combat his hepatitis C without crushing side effects. [Read more on how a defence lawyer fights medical marijuana charges.]

Defence lawyer against unjust marijuana charges

Marco Renda, in the article above, faced marijuana charges which threatened to deny him his federal exemption from Canada’s marijuana laws. This punishment far outweighs a criminal record or jail time, as Renda suffers from hepatitis C. Other medicines he has tried resulted in negative side effects. Marijuana is without a doubt a medical necessity for Marco Renda.

I am a drug lawyer who is disturbed by the way medical marijuana users are treated by their own government. As articulated in the article above, medical marijuana users are treated firstly as criminals, and secondly as patients.

Yet Renda was threatened to have the only medication available to fight his sickness taken away from him due to an attempt to mail marijuana through the Canadian Post to fellow sick patients in the U.S. and Europe. I am a defence lawyer who believes it is Renda’s human right to have legal access to his medication, with or without a criminal record. For two years, I have fought Renda’s marijuana charges in an attempt to secure his right to medication and good health. In the end, I advised Renda to plead guilty for a lesser offence, which allowed him to keep his federal exemption from Canada’s marijuana laws.

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